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The Daily Cake is run by five people who write and edit the content of the site. We started working together on Episcorific, and we’ve been working on this new site for awhile. Read our mission statement here. The site is in the beta stage at the moment, so we’re learning and experimenting and we hope you’ll join us.

Lauren Caldwell is a resident of Atlanta who descended into madness when she left the “working” world and decided to stay at home with her one year old.  When she isn’t cleaning flying food off her clothes, tripping over toys scattered all over the house, or doing her 40th load of laundry for the week she coordinates the young adult program for Prov IV.

Kathleen Clark lives in Murfreesboro, TN with her cat Jasper. She is an Aspirant in the Diocese of Tennessee and works as the part time campus minister at MTSU. She loves biking, the great outdoors, mystics, and the Episcopal Church.

Rachel Jones lives in Houston with her husband, cat, and dog. She loves Jesus, her husband, Mexican Coca Cola, breakfast tacos, and baseball. She writes about some of those things, too.

Jason Sierra is moving from West to East, non-profit to for-profit, work to school, traveling to staying put, apartment to house, and thankful for the privilege of choosing this new path. Check out his work at jasonsierra.com

Jeremiah Sierra is a writer and editor living in New York City. He is currently managing editor at Trinity Wall Street. He tweets @jeremiahspeaks

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