Three Sentences

If you’re reading this blog there’s a good chance you read other Episcopal things or have Episcopal friends, in which case you probably know about the current big news in the Episcopal church, which is the strike taking place at General Theological Seminary, which led to then being fired, which leads to a lot of angry and sad clergy and lay people.

A fee weeks ago I marched with 300,000 other people in hopes that some action might be taken by our leaders before we wreck our home, this earth, and it felt almost like a prayer, like a thing you do because the world is broken and you are small and there is hope that someone will hear your voice.

In the end, I don’t know what will happen at General or to our planet or to the church, but I know that a place to start is in prayer, in hopes that God will hear us in the midst of our confusion and that, despite our missteps and all the ways in which we are lost, we will hear each other.

2 responses to “Three Sentences

  1.     I’m Jim and I live in N.W. Arizona.  
      I was raised in the Episcopal Church.  We celebrated the ‘High Church’ version of the litany.  Mom signed me up as an Acolyte at six or seven and I later became 1st Server, participating every Sunday & the more formal events on the Calendar.  At 10 years old, I held the Crucifix and led the Procession/Recession at my Brother’s Wedding, held an Emanuel in El Monte, CA.  The church we three kids grew up in.  We moved to Holy Trinity, in Alhambra, around ’67, or so, and I ended the liturgical portion of my life around Mid-High School (’72 – ’73)  
      There’s no real reason I revealed all this, except to connect with whomever reads this, I guess.  And to help define me as someone who has the experience necessary for my opinion to be helpful, or even taken into consideration.
                 **** And now for that opinion…

        I’ve been on Earth for a good amount of time, and I’ve had experiences that anyone would consider unusual and rare.  In the end, I’ve become an attentive observer, and I’m curious by nature.
       There are huge variances of opinion between us, so as a collective we can get a bit in our own way.  When drama and passionate demonstrativity are able to derail a more metered and practical approach to a problem, the problem a) Doesn’t go away, and b) Generally gets worse.  
       Here we are with an absolutely existential situation and there are still politics, commerce and Red Neck Mentality causing delay and consternation, as the loud, under-informed are given a chance to push some buttons and pull some levers.  I would much more prefer to trust the words and actions of those who have spent decades becoming the smartest in the world, when it comes to the Health of our world.  
       Would you trust a six year old to drive you across town?  Of course not. You would want it to be someone who has done it many times before.  Someone who has been formally taught to operate the vehicle, understands how to do so in everyday traffic, can navigate street signs and directions and you would want it to be someone who can reach the peddles.  Not someone who is interested in anything other that the safe and effective driving of the car.  Less Cheerleading, More attention to the game.  JimB  Kingman, AZ

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