Small but Not Still

Boa noite! I’m currently taking a Portuguese class(hence the song. I don’t understand the words – I’m not very far along yet), which is why my posts have been pretty late at night (I’m writing this on a train at 10pm) .

I recently finished reading Capon’a book, and I wrote out a few thoughts here.

Between being in the middle of an unusually busy time at work, taking a class, a few other projects, and the normal day to day stuff of being an adult, I’ve often felt recently like I’ve been running from one thing to the next, and one of the reasons I liked the book was because it was about slowing down and appreciating the world for what it is, rather than what it means.

Of course, there is a lot to do in this world. This weekend, for example, I’m participating in the People’s Climate March. There will be thousands of others, including a lot of people of faith. Climate change is one if those issues that should not be set aside, though we all know it’s easy to do so. I hope you’ll consider coming if you’re in New York (and maybe even if you’re not) and if not I hope you can participate in this work in other ways.

I sometimes feel a little overwhelmed by the problems we face. Andrew W. K., who writes songs about partying and an advice column, helped me out a bit in this area. Prayer, he says to an atheist advice seeker, is about being humble and reminding ourselves how small we are. Which, I think, is at least part of the truth. It’s a part of the cycle of action and movement and silence and rest.

So I’m praying and doing what I can, recognizing that I am small, but that is no excuse for apathy.

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