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Thousand Word Friday–#bringbackourgirls

Thousand Word Friday--#bringbackourgirls



Thousand Word Fridays: Peace be my Tailwind

Acrylic on Canvas (Digitally Modified)  - Jason Sierra (2011)

Acrylic on Canvas (Digitally Modified) – Jason Sierra (2011)

Being exposed to the native cultures of the Pacific Northwest was a humbling and transformative experience, drawing me into a rich visual vocabulary and tradition. The dove is a constant symbol in our house, a symbol of the peacework that my partner does and a sign of covenant and promise, the constant search for a peaceful and solid place to land. Seattle wasn’t quite it, so still we’re searching…


Thousand Word Fridays: Flashes of Neon

composite bird3

Photo by Jason Sierra (2014)

I wonder if the lilac-breasted roller knows how spectacular he looks, floating behind the Zebra, chasing flies. I wish I were  a butterfly or  a mantis shrimp; I’m sure there are colors there I’m missing between the pink-orange and neon blue, cocking his head to look more closely at me. Click click click.

(Pilanesburg, South Africa)



Thousand Word Fridays: Til the flooding subside

water lion

Photo by Jason Sierra (2014)

He stood,

and waited,

his back to me.

listening me into stillness

and waiting for the flooding to subside.


Thousand Word Fridays: From Strength to Strength


Jason Sierra (Pen and Ink, Watercolor, Digital, 2010)

Every possible mistake.


Thousand Word Fridays: Face to Face with a Thin Place

thin space

Jason Sierra (Digital Collage, February 2014)

The sound that thin places make


Thousand Word Fridays: Fire on the Mountain

Jason Sierra (2014, Collage)

Jason Sierra (2014, Collage)

I see fire – Ed Sheeran


For the love… (Happy Valentine’s Day)


For the love that bound my mother’s heart to mine on the day I was born;

For the love that a calming voice wove in my father’s strong arms;

For the love that meant my brother didn’t leave me behind Continue reading


Change your Cover Photo for the week leading up to Valentine’s Day



Bless me as I go

a mountain prayer