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Thoughts for Thursday

God Loves Everybody.

There is a house that I pass by every day with a handmade sign hanging from a flagpole. When I first moved to this area of town it was made out of a bedsheet and simply says, “God Loves Everybody.” I’m not sure if it fell victim to bad weather or if it got old and fell apart or what, but lately the flag that has been flying in front of this house appears to have been made from a bath towel.

The little old woman that lives there can often be seen lounging on the front porch in a lazy boy recliner, reading a book and/or smoking a cigarette, or sometimes just hanging out watching traffic go by. Sometimes I see her out wandering the neighborhood, this thin little woman with clothes that seem too big.

I met her once. I spotted her last summer at an event at our quaint little downtown square. I talked to her for a minute, and she revealed to me that she had a brain aneurysm. I hugged her. And every time I drive by her house I look for her, but sometimes all I see is that precious little reminder that God Loves Everybody.

I have no idea what prompted this woman to put that message out there by any means necessary, be it bedsheet or bath towel. I don’t know this woman’s story, just what I observe in my almost daily drive bys. I do know this: I am grateful to her. I am grateful for the reminder she gives me, that we are all God’s children and we are loved. She is an unexpected jewel in my daily drives, twice a day, and I need that.

So, dear ones, don’t forget that God Loves Everybody. May you preach it from the porch or wherever you are in your life today.