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Friday final(e/ly)

It’s Friday, the end of the work or school week for many, the beginning of the work weekend for others. To help you get to 5:00, why not spend a little time reflecting on what you learned this week! Join me in taking 5 minutes three times today and reflecting on the following three questions:

1) What did you learn about yourself this week that surprised you?

2) What is something you learned from someone you do not know well this week?

3) What did you learn about God this week?

If you’re coming up blank and want some food for thought, watch this. If you want to see something that is ambiguously disturbing and beautiful, watch this. And if you want to displace a song stuck in your head with another one watch this.

This Past Week (With Links)

photo (5)

Outside there was a girl standing in the corner of the Trinity churchyard. She was facing the wall and eating salad and weeping. I wanted to tell her that I hoped her day got better, but I didn’t.

In Chelsea Jay-Z was rapping Picasso Baby for six hours straight in an art gallery.

At the bottom of the sea there were living rocks (click with care, the rocks are kinda gross).

In Charlotte’s Place there was origami with an eight year old (I know, self promoting link, sorry but not really).

In Siberia there was a guy who believed he was Jesus Christ and ruled an area twice the size of New Jersey.

In New York there were single mothers from Hour Children gathered in a room. They discussed how to fill out a job application after years and decades in prison. I sat with them, and felt grateful to accompany them for a little while, and thought about the distance between their lives and mine, and how little I know and how narrow my vision is.

And there were the Kids Who Died, and the collective anger and sadness that so many felt.

So I’ve been trying to listen more than I speak,  and read the syllabus, of sorts, so that I can learn from those who know better than I do what oppression means, so that I can do a little better, I hope.

Sleepy Friday Links

It’s Friday. And you, like me, may be a little worn out after a week of political ups and downs, supreme court rulings, nights out drinking beer and eating BBQ with your book club (which currently consists of you and one other person, but that’s OK), unexplained phenomena, and your own material worries. The world is a strange and baffling place, and you, like ten percent of New Yorkers at any given moment, may often feel lost. But don’t despair. You are welcome here. Sing and laugh and deny nothing