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A Great Way To Start Your Monday 5/5/14

…because it is my daughters favorite movie and because it makes me pleased    🙂

Why aren’t we happy?

I did a workshop at a young adult conference one time about the pitfalls of technology.  I talked about the way the internet causes us to neglect and even fail to create relationships.  As Christians I feel like community is a major tenant of our belief system and using a device that forces us out of community is not the best thing for us.  I do understand that community can be created through the internet, but for the most part the interactions I see on the web are negative.  We seem to spend a lot of time saying things we wouldn’t say to each other in person.  It is beginning to bleed over into interactions we have face-to-face.  The written word is not the best way to get your true feelings across because so much of what is said is how it is said.  I have a husband who is a software developer and writes Android and iOS apps so I recognize that my livelihood is dependent upon these advances.  I think that means I have to try that much harder to create community. I do think Christians need to be doing the same. Continue reading

Friday final(e/ly)

It’s Friday, the end of the work or school week for many, the beginning of the work weekend for others. To help you get to 5:00, why not spend a little time reflecting on what you learned this week! Join me in taking 5 minutes three times today and reflecting on the following three questions:

1) What did you learn about yourself this week that surprised you?

2) What is something you learned from someone you do not know well this week?

3) What did you learn about God this week?

If you’re coming up blank and want some food for thought, watch this. If you want to see something that is ambiguously disturbing and beautiful, watch this. And if you want to displace a song stuck in your head with another one watch this.