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Thousand Word Fridays: #BringBackOurGirls


Please pray for the 276 girls who were kidnapped in Nigeria on April 14th, for their families and for those involved in the effort to rescue them. #BringBackOurGirls !

Almighty God, we lift up to you the many victims of kidnapping and abduction, that they may be strengthened by your love and protected by your hand. We pray also for their families and their communities, that they may find solace and comfort in you and in one another. We pray especially for  Deborah, Awa, Hauwa, Asabe, Mwa, Patiant, Saraya, Mary, Gloria, ​Hanatu, Gloria, Tabitha, Maifa, Ruth, Esther, Awa, Anthonia, Kume, Aisha, Nguba, Kwanta, Kummai, Esther, Hana, Rifkatu, Rebecca, Blessing, Ladi, Tabitha, Ruth, Safiya, Na’omi, Solomi, Rhoda, Rebecca, Christy, Rebecca, Laraba, Saratu, Mary, Debora, Naomi, Hanatu, Hauwa, Juliana, Suzana, Saraya, Jummai, Mary, Jummai, Yanke, Muli, Fatima, Eli, Saratu, Deborah, Rahila, Luggwa, Kauna, Lydia, Laraba, Hauwa, Comfort, Hauwa, Hauwa, Yana, Laraba, Saraya, Glory, Na’omi, Godiya, Awa, Na’omi, Maryamu, Tabitha, Mary, Ladi, Rejoice, Luggwa, Comfort, Saraya, Sicker, Talata, Rejoice, Deborah, Salomi, Mary, Ruth, Esther, Ether, Maryamu, Zara, Maryamu, Lydia, Laraba, Na’omi, Rahila, Ruth, Ladi, Mary, Esther, Helen, Margret, Deborah, Filo, Febi, Ruth, Rachael, Rifkatu, Mairama, Saratu, Jinkai, Margret, Yana, Grace, Amina, Palmata, Awagana, Pindar, Yana, Saraya, Hauwa, Hauwa, Hauwa, Maryamu, Maimuna, Rebeca, Liyatu, Rifkatu, Naomi, Deborah, Ladi, Asabe, Maryamu, Ruth, Mary, Abigail, Deborah, Saraya, Kauna, Christiana, Yana, Hauwa, Hadiza, Lydia, Ruth, Mary, Lugwa, Muwa, Hanatu, Monica, Margret, Docas, Rhoda, Rifkatu, Saratu, Naomi, Hauwa, Rahap, Deborah, Hauwa, Hauwa, Serah, Aishatu, Aishatu, Hauwa, Hamsatu, Mairama, Hauwa, Ihyi, Hasana, Rakiya, Halima, Aisha, Kabu, Yayi, Falta, Kwadugu.

We pray for the many other girls whose names we do not know.

We pray for their abductors, that they may be convinced to release them to their families, and that your justice be served. And we pray these things in the name of your most precious son, Jesus Christ. Amen.