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Meet My Daughter, Jimmy Fallon

As a parent, I spend way too much time worrying about my daughter and how she is developing.  She is moving at a slower pace than other kids her age and I often wonder if I am doing something to cause this.  I think this is a natural thing for mothers to do and I am definitely not alone in feeling this way.  As parents, we love to brag about all the cool things our kids are doing but we sometimes forget that the parents of kids who aren’t over-performing take that to heart.  We don’t want to and we want to be happy for all the cool stuff your child can do but that doesn’t always make it easy to take.   Continue reading

An Appropriate Way To Start Your Memorial Day – 5/26/14

…before you go out to celebrate this Memorial Day, please take a minute to remind yourself of what you are celebrating and how this day came to be.  God Bless!

There just aren’t enough hours in the day!!!


This week our cake makers are feeling a little overwhelmed.  Many of us have major events going on at work or in our personal lives that are using up all our energy and brain power.  Finding time to do all the things you want to do can be hard.  So what gets neglected?

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It’s the world’s dirty secret.

Liberal Arts

I turned thirty-five this month.  I don’t feel thirty-five.  I remember thinking my mother was thirty-six for the majority of my childhood and I definitely don’t feel old enough to be a mother…wait, I am a mother.  I am married and someone’s mother and thirty-five years old.

I don’t feel twenty but I feel a lot closer to twenty than to forty.  I have established myself in the world.  I know who I am and am even considered knowledgeable about some things.  I am an adult but that word has way too much baggage that doesn’t apply to me.  I am still fun, young, free-spirited, and a little crazy.

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How do you forgive what seems unforgivable?


Pain inflicted on the loved ones of recently killed soldiers is abhorrent in my opinion. Telling anyone that God hates them and they are the root cause for every bad thing that happens is repulsive. Inciting violence in order to support your hate ministry is detestable.  I don’t have a nice thing to say about the Westboro Baptist Church or its founder Fred Phelps.  I even have a hard time admitting that the members of that “church” are human and deserve any rights.  In short, I hate them.  I hate what they do to people.  I hate the way they say they represent Christianity.  I hate the pain they inflict.  I, I, I, I hate.  I also wholeheartedly believe that God does not hate them.  I don’t know how this is possible but I also don’t claim to know how God does anything. Continue reading

Why aren’t we happy?

I did a workshop at a young adult conference one time about the pitfalls of technology.  I talked about the way the internet causes us to neglect and even fail to create relationships.  As Christians I feel like community is a major tenant of our belief system and using a device that forces us out of community is not the best thing for us.  I do understand that community can be created through the internet, but for the most part the interactions I see on the web are negative.  We seem to spend a lot of time saying things we wouldn’t say to each other in person.  It is beginning to bleed over into interactions we have face-to-face.  The written word is not the best way to get your true feelings across because so much of what is said is how it is said.  I have a husband who is a software developer and writes Android and iOS apps so I recognize that my livelihood is dependent upon these advances.  I think that means I have to try that much harder to create community. I do think Christians need to be doing the same. Continue reading

Sex Week


I can’t begin tot tell you the number of college students that want to be able to have healthy conversations about sex in today’s context.  I have been hoping to find a good curriculum for chaplains to use because I have been asked more than once for some sort of teaching material.  How long can we stick our heads in the sand before this sex culture becomes a problem as opposed to a chance for growth? Continue reading

Thoughts for Thursday

I hope that made you chuckle.

I was thinking about this the other day and I wanted to share it with you guys:

I love the basic human interaction of talking to another receptionist.

See, I work at a doctor’s office. I spend A LOT of time on the phone talking to people. Talking to patients, talking to relatives of patients, talking to other doctor’s offices, drug reps, law firms, pharmacies. You name it. But by far my favorite people to talk to are other receptionists.

I think what is so comforting is that when the phone lines are ringing off the hook and I’m by myself they understand when every two seconds I’m like “Ack.. hold on a sec..” “Uhh hold on let me grab this line real quick” and I get back on the line, breathless from having to quickly say the name of the place I work, plus my name, plus ‘can you hold for just a moment? thanks..’ and they know. They get it. They understand.

It’s these simple little human interactions that make me smile, that make me feel like I can handle whatever this day is going to throw at me. This feeling that I’m not alone, there are other people out there trying to do the same thing, and yeah receptionisting may not solve the energy crisis or world hunger or anything like that, but it gives me hundreds of little chances every day to make someone’s day. To be pleasant. To smile and chat warmly. To offer my own condolences and understandings to other receptionists out there.

So when you’re out there in the world this week, dear readers, smile and greet your receptionist. Make pithy comments about the weather to the cashier at the grocery store. Compliment them on their smile and how friendly they are. If they look like they’ve been there for nine hours straight with a thirty minute lunch break, do something that reminds them they are human, they are loved, and hey, maybe it’s not so bad.

And please, pretty pretty please, try not to get (too?) angry if you’ve been on hold for five minutes. I promise we’re not just sitting there twiddling our thumbs. We’re frantically handling five phone lines, maybe by ourselves, and we’re doing the best we can. Show us some grace, some compassion, and I promise whatever it is you’re calling about will get treated just like the other four calls that might have been in front of you. We all need a little kindness, and we’re only human.

My High Expectations = Disappointment

I started two columns in the beginning that I sadly wasn’t able to continue.  I really tried to push myself to write about things that meant a lot to me but I found that by doing these two columns I had no time to write anything else.  I was chasing a one-year old around the house and trying to adjust to being a new mom.  I had a lot of things to say and no time to do it.  I was beginning to get bogged down by the commitment and was losing my voice, so I decided to let them go until I had more time to do it right.  It was extremely difficult for me but luckily the editors and the readers helped me understand that sometimes you just have to let go for a certain period of time or forever.  I hope neither of these is forever.

One was a Netflix52,  a weekly movie or documentary review about something you could stream on Netflix.  I made it 18 weeks before I had to admit that I was having a very hard time keeping up.  I am a HUGE movie buff and I loved writing this column.  I added all kinds of little fun facts and information on release dates and box office figures along with my thoughts on the movie.  I ended up spending something like 6 hours every Sunday researching and writing.  That was tough.  I miss doing it and hope to get back there someday when I can be more effective at creating the content.  Here are some of my favorites : Paper Clips, Serenity (which still gets close to 10 views a week even though I wrote it in March!), Dear Zachary : a letter to a son about his father, Downfall, Igby Goes Down, and my most fact filled Can’t Hardly Wait.


I also did a blog highlighting and honoring those who died every week in the Allied Armed Forces.  I plan on starting this back as soon as I can.  This really kept me grounded to a war that I don’t suffer from at all.  My daily life was not affected by the sacrifices our military and their families where making.  This reminded me that people were still fighting and dying in the Middle East and it should affect my daily life.  You can find the posts I did here.  I plan to post an updated list since I stopped doing this July.  Join me in saying a prayer for these brave young men and women.

Is charity only for Christians?

I think most people would agree that the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has made a massive impact on this planet.  They contribute 17% of the world budget for eradicating polio,  they provided seed money to start The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria and have donated over $1.3 Billion to the organization, they have given $287 Million to HIV research all over the world, they have given $45 Million to micro financing organizations, they give millions to worldwide disaster relief, and have spent more than $4 Billion dollars with education programs in the US.  This is the largest transparently operated foundation in the world.  Despite the minor amounts of criticism the foundation has received throughout the years, it would be a stretch to say that these people do not care deeply about using their mass amounts of wealth to better humanity. So some Christians would ask, what is their motivation since Bill Gates has said that he believes religion is a waste of time?

My answer – Christians are not the only people with morals on this planet!  Half the time we are more immoral than more atheists I know.  Being non-religious does not mean you are non-human.  I am so sick of this attitude that Christians have the corner on right and wrong.  We are far from perfect and sometimes our religious beliefs seem to hinder our ability to behave morally.  So why don’t we get rid of our holier than thou attitude and use this day, Bill Gates birthday, to rethink the idea of morality and charity.  Why don’t we spend more time learning from those around us who aren’t hindered by the rules of religion and who behave morally just because.