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A Great Way To Start Your Monday 9/22/14

Happy Hobbit Day!!  As a lifelong fan of the book, this made me laugh   🙂

A Great Way To Start Your Monday 9/15/14

… three things I love…..Fallon, The Roots, and Steve Harvey!   🙂

A Great Way To Start Your Monday 8/11/14

…Happy Birthday Joe Jackson!  Try to stay still during this 80’s classic   🙂


A Great Way To Start Your Monday 8/4/14

… Why wouldn’t you take care of it?   🙂

*NSFW Language*


Christian or Follower of Jesus?


With the reformation underway in American Christianity, there’s been a lot of talk over what that word (Christian) actually means and who gets to use it. Some people on both the left and right see themselves as gatekeepers and are busy declaring who is, and who is not, a Christian.

A Great Way To Start Your Monday 7/14/14

…what a beautiful way to look at life from an amazing man!    🙂

A Great Way To Start Your Monday 6/30/14

…this looks like fun!    🙂


A Great Way To Start Your Monday 6/23/14

…don’t worry be happy!    🙂

A Great Way To Start Your Monday 6/16/14

…the face of fatherhood and in my case, motherhood.  I am totally guilty of singing Baby Got Back to mine   🙂

Can the Evangelical Church Embrace Gay Couples?

In the end, it may not be theology or psychology that changes the most evangelical minds. Human relationships have a way of doing what academic arguments cannot. James Brownson was what he calls a “moderate conservative” on the question of homosexuality until his own son, a well-adjusted 18-year-old, came out to him and his wife eight years ago. “When I had to deal with my own son, a lot of the answers that were part of the tradition I’m part of and that I had assumed in the past just didn’t work,” he said. “We have to be able to talk about real people here.”