Meet My Daughter, Jimmy Fallon

As a parent, I spend way too much time worrying about my daughter and how she is developing.  She is moving at a slower pace than other kids her age and I often wonder if I am doing something to cause this.  I think this is a natural thing for mothers to do and I am definitely not alone in feeling this way.  As parents, we love to brag about all the cool things our kids are doing but we sometimes forget that the parents of kids who aren’t over-performing take that to heart.  We don’t want to and we want to be happy for all the cool stuff your child can do but that doesn’t always make it easy to take.  

My husband and I love to watch Jimmy Fallon when we get the chance and one of the reasons is because he is the kind of guy who likes everyone to succeed. He is so talented yet his talent level is not wrapped up in his superiority to the talents around him.  He wants everyone to do their best and he wants to do his best and when that happens, everyone wins.  It is so much fun to watch how excited he gets when one of his guests does something cool or has some neat talent.  He is kind of like Ellen DeGeneres that way.  They are an infectious type of people, those that love life and love the humans who are in it.

The other night, we were watching a Fallon clip and Patrick looked at me and said “that is exactly what Piper is like.”  It suddenly dawned on me that he is totally right.  She loves to cheer for others.  If she can’t do something and you can she gets so excited for you like she just won the lottery.  If she tries something and succeeds she gets the biggest grin on her face and claps for herself with the same enthusiasm she just showed you.  If a child steals her toy she usually just finds something else to play with.  When they hand out the instruments in music class she makes sure that all the kids and all the adults have one before she takes one.  She is such a generous and happy kid and she will go above and beyond to make sure everyone around her is happy.  The most surprising part to me is she does all this and doesn’t really talk yet.

Patrick and I are not that kind.  We are competitive and like to be the best.  We don’t like looking like we don’t know something and get frustrated when we don’t perform at the top.  I don’t know where she got this awesome attitude but I am desperate for her to keep it.  In fact, I am desperate to find more people like her to spend time with.  I want to be that cool.  If things stay this way, she will never need to be the best at anything.  She will be successful because she will be her best and her best will be awesome.  She will have the ability to do something that few people in the world can do.  She will only be at her best when she has allowed other people to be at their best.  Imagine if the world was full of that type of person.  I named Jimmy and Ellen, who would you add to that list?


2 responses to “Meet My Daughter, Jimmy Fallon

  1. Cool! Love this!

  2. Well said! I want to be like that too!

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