Chemicalize With It

I’ve been listening a lot to this Kishi Bashi song lately. You should, too. Because it’s weird and great, is why.

I also love the title, “Philosophize in it! Chemicalize with it!” I don’t know exactly what it means, but it sounds to me like an exhortation to make something out of the raw materials of your life: time and consciousness and love other all the other wonderful and terrible things that we are given when we are born.

I’ve also been reading a collection of essays by Michelle Orange. She is pretty brilliant, though her writing is packed with ideas and kind of dense, so I’m finding it a little difficult to read on the subway, but I came across this passage about in an essay about old age and death and flying:

In this anti-memento mori culture, illness is the penultimate failure, and we forget its pain of death on a kind of principle. But something would seem to be missing from an idea of what it means to live a full life that refuses to acknowledge the necessary conditions. It erodes the larger sense of what it means not just to be fulfilled but to be human, so that illness is always a source of shame, and death is a complete surprise. The cult of longevity is building a paradox made of protein shakes and hormone patches: we obsess over our bodies even as we fail to imagine their decay; we extend an idea of ourselves into an ideal future without fully accepting our bodies have to follow there, or acknowledging the inhospitable terrain that awaits those who “win” and make it to old age.

We do, I think, live in a culture that rejects death and illness, that is afraid to accept them as a part of life. I know this is more of a Lenten thought and we’re in the middles of Easter, but you never get far by ignoring the truth. You can’t have resurrection without death, and you can’t have change without pain (most of the time, anyway). You can’t have a sunset unless the sun disappears for a bit.


Jesus knew this. You know this.

But you’ll deal with that when it’s time if you aren’t already, and in meantime you make what you can out of the gifts you’ve been given. Anyway, what I really want you to see right now is these break dancing monks. Happy Wednesday.


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