Run To Life

All of the medical equipment at Johns Hopkins has this sticker on it. Everywhere you look a little sermon in pink.

(We’re here for a few medical appointments. I won’t go into details here but no need to worry, friends).

It probably has some technical meaning. I guess I could ask but I like to think of it as a reminder. Run to life.

Not that it’s always clear where life lies. This article about becoming a writer and not a priest is also kind of about finding where life is, and the unexpected ways the future reveals itself.

I thought at one point I’d be a priest, too, (an Episocpal priest) probably somewhere in Texas. Instead I’m a writer in New York. Nothing in this world really works the way you’d expect.

Though I don’t want my life to be simply about my life. It’s so easy to descend into cheap self-help, into ignoring the real problems of others in our obsession with seeking out happiness. It’s easy to think salvation is personal.

I don’t believe anything is strictly personal (I think the idea of having a “personal relationship with Jesus” is incoherent at best). Life is too big and varied and surprising to be personal, and so is God, in my experience. If we’re going to head in the direction of life, we’ve got to look up and at others. We have to let go of our grip on ourselves and our own happiness, let a bit of ourselves die.

As someone with a tendency toward navel gazing this isn’t always easy, but I have found when I am engaged with others and working toward something larger than myself, I am happier and whole. Even my writing is better.

Run to life, which is change and growth, sacrifice and love, death and resurrection.


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