Sex Week


I can’t begin tot tell you the number of college students that want to be able to have healthy conversations about sex in today’s context.  I have been hoping to find a good curriculum for chaplains to use because I have been asked more than once for some sort of teaching material.  How long can we stick our heads in the sand before this sex culture becomes a problem as opposed to a chance for growth?

Absent real information, matters like this have a tendency to get ugly.  People get confused by the messages they are receiving and act out of pressure and not out of power.  How can we continue to blame women for rape culture when we refuse to teach people about healthy sex?  I know sex is a touchy subject and often embarrassing for all those involved, but we can’t keep shying away from embarrassing conversations.  The fact that lawmakers are ok with punishing other groups because they don’t like this particular topic is disappointing and unfair….the fact that they are interested in pitting student against student on who is to blame is disgusting.  Way to build up the future, lawmakers.


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