For the love… (Happy Valentine’s Day)


For the love that bound my mother’s heart to mine on the day I was born;

For the love that a calming voice wove in my father’s strong arms;

For the love that meant my brother didn’t leave me behind when he went out to play;

For the recess taunting that forced short-lived, hand-holding love on the playground;

For the friends who opened their hearts to me and made a new city home;

For the dramatic pre-teen crushes, the first dances, and the break-up notes;

For the first kiss, the forever conversations, the six page handwritten letters and the friendships that blossomed into teenage love;

For the first boy to steal my heart, the destruction we wrought on each other and the compassion we learned to show;

For love that forgave and forgave and forgave because together we knew how to dance;

For the love that gave me space to heal and grounding to fly, that inspired me to strive to be worthy, that closed doors and opened the world;

For all these loves, I am grateful.


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