The Lives of 27 Year Olds


I found this study, started in 2002, of 15,000 high school sophomores to be very interesting.  The article shows a ton of statistics about education, finances, families, and locations of these 27-something young adults.  I was not surprised by the number of singles or the fact that so many lived at home, but I was surprised with the number of people who expected to get more education, the number of people who have been unemployed since graduating, and the percentages of income since graduation.  These statistics are showing the plight of the modern young adult.  It is a little depressing to me.  What do you think?



One response to “The Lives of 27 Year Olds

  1. I’m simply thinking out loud (as I write)…I am not surprised by the lack of jobs. This economy is still not like it was. But I am a firm believer that hard work, dedication, and a willingness to suck up some pride will get someone that career he or she was hoping for. I do not want to come across as if this is easy. Obviously it is not. But, if a young college student does not have a job (I won’t even ask why were they not involved with an internship), then do everything you can think of to create wealth. Create your own business. More and more people now are self-employed and loving being their “own boss.” But it takes dedication, courage, hard work, and determination. Hopefully, my reply has not come off to harsh. I work with college students and have seen both sides of the coin. I guess my encouragement is to not make excuses and go and make something happen.

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