Pictures From the Past


I thought this article on pictures on the past was completely fascinating.  The idea that a picture is worth a thousand words completely describes these images.  Imagine how much history is lost just because the best way to record the time was a painting (which took a long while to make), by word of mouth, or by writing it down.  These photos tell the story with no opinions aside from the vantage point of the photographer.  Some of them are hard to look at but they are all true.

I wonder if the creator of the first cameras had any idea the gift they were giving to history.  A frozen moment in time that can not be fully explained or duplicated.  I also wonder if some pictures should be taken or at the very least not shared.  Should the dignity of people and the pain some of these photos cause their loved ones be put above the need for history to be documented and remembered?  In order to keep history from repeating itself we must document the truth and to document the truth some pretty horrific things have to be seen.  I hope in heaven I am spared from the pain that is our collective history.  I hope.



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