YAs, vocation, and the church

This past weekend was an incredible time for us here at The Daily Cake. We were given the invaluable gift of time spent face to face, dreaming and hoping and being together. I’m so grateful for that and for what God is creating in each of our lives.

Sunday morning we went to the cathedral in Cincinnati to worship. It is a beautiful place, with different types of stained glass windows all jumbled together (not to mention the GIGANTIC organ that made my little old church lady heart proud). Imagine my surprise and delight when the dean of the cathedral, Gail Greenwell, got up to deliver her sermon and within the first few sentences not only addressed young adults but the struggle we go through in discerning our vocation. I haven’t often been addressed directly from the pulpit (I could probably count on one hand the number of times…) so it was heartwarming to have an entire sermon devoted to these topics. Not gonna lie, y’all–I teared up a little.

I went up to Gail after the service and gave her a big hug. I thanked her for her words and for sharing them with the church. She was delightful and friendly and I liked her immediately. I wanted to share her sermon with you alls, because it meant so much to me, and I hope they will mean something to you, too.



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