The Pope is a Rock Star


The Huffington Post reports that the Pope is once again on a cover of a magazine, this time Rolling Stone. I am a fan of Pope Francis’s change in attitude, and although the theology of Catholic Church hasn’t really changed much, an octogenarian Episcopal priest reminded me the other day that attitudes matter a lot.

The priest just celebrated the 60th anniversary of his ordination to the priesthood. He’s had a long career working in ecumenism, working for the National Council of Churches and the Episcopal Church, and he even attended the Second Vatican Council. He sees friendship and understanding between denominations as a phase in the process of reconciliation toward unity.

This cover and the Pope’s popularity seems to me to be a sign that people are hungry for a more welcoming Christianity that focuses more on poverty and injustice and less on sex and doctrine. I hope that Pope Francis’s change in attitude reflects a new phase for the Catholic Church, in the direction of a more open and welcoming theology.


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  1. I appreciate your thoughts!

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