God on the Ground

“Now, I don’t want to give anybody the impression tonight that I don’t have faith in God in the air; simply thatI’ve had more experience with him on the ground.”

Martin Luther King Jr. said this, and he was actually talking about being in an airplane, but I like it because it seems to imply something else, that we experience God here on the earth in the dirt or in the surprise of being alive and in love. Perhaps occasionally in the joy produced by some Norwegian odd yodeling band that we might have seen in Brooklyn (pretty fun stuff), or Nathan Schneider’s tweets about transgender Catholics and bloggers asking difficult questions so they can try and do what is right, or even in the weirdness of math when it’s done by string theorists.

Also, God at work on the front lines of poverty and in the love shared by people who love others and hate violence, the way Martin Luther King Jr. did and Christ did and the rest of us try to. Most days, anyway. 

I also like this quote because tomorrow I am flying off again. This time to meet with other editors of The Daily Cake and think about the future. We’ll let you know how it goes. 


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