or SNAP…which should be more important?

Since it seems as if the government can’t be bothered with fixing the problems of both programs, which seems more important to you?  I don’t see why both can’t be addressed but I feel like it is hypocritical to fix the one that is getting all the press while ignoring the one that continues to be systematic, has been in effect for many years, and affects the same number of people.  When are we going to stop ignoring the hungry just because it is an ugly thing to think about.  As a person with a pre-existing condition who CAN NOT get private insurance in my state (not can’t pay more for, they are legally not allowed to insure me unless through a group plan) I need healthcare reform.  I need the Affordable Care Act.  I am not being heartless towards the fact that the ACA is desperately needed.  I just hate that people care about fixing that malfunction because there are political implications that for some reason don’t exist with SNAP.


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