2013 In Review

Well, here we are. The first Thursday of 2014. This week, as I’m sure you’ve figured out by now, we are looking back at 2013 at the ways we’ve grown as a community, website, bloggie thing, Christians, human beings…

As Rachel mentioned we started blogging a few months before we went live, trying things out and figuring out our voices. We’re still searching and figuring and becoming. You, dear reader, are part of that, too.

Going back through all of my Thursdays was fun. Time consuming because, unlike my fellow bloggers, I’m bad about tagging and categorizing. 2014 Resolutions include intentionally doing that…. Watching Thoughts for Thursdays happen–it started out as me posting my favorite podcasts (mostly Pray as you Go) and then morphed into quotes and poems that I found insightful, interesting, thought provoking, and sometimes just funny. I have a giant book that I keep near my laptop called “The Treasury of Religious & Spiritual Quotations: Words to Live By”. I love it. That’s where a lot of the quotes come from, but I do a lot of Googling too.

Towards the end of the year I started linking Thoughts for Thursday with a reflection on the topic/theme of the quote. I plan to continued developing that in 2014 and I invite you to submit your favorite quotes and thoughts and poems and whatevers.

I wish I had the time and energy to keep up with Pope Francis. He is just such a fascinating guy and I love reading about him and how he is energizing the church. Popewatch posts may be a bit more sporadic in 2014 but I’ve got my eye on the Holy Father.

So today I’m going to pick some of my favorite Thoughts for Thursdays and reflections from 2013. A great first year for us, and I’m so excited for what’s next. Thanks for coming on this journey with us, and I sincerely hope you will continue reading in 2014.

Grace, Peace, and HUGS!



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