What’s With Aethists Disdain For Liberal Christians? – 3/4/13

“Yes, as liberal Christians they pick and chose what they want to believe from the Bible; and yes, they have modified their Christianity into a hybrid of 21st century scientific reality and 2nd century credulity. True, they can’t fully break free of the warm fuzzy “loving God” concept while they readily accept proofs of scientific fact; understand homosexuality to be a fact of nature and accept it as such; and even go along with women’s right to choose. And often they recognize that the Biblical authors had an agenda, and that the Bible is likely not the word of God. But instead of condemning and belittling them for their straddling-the-fence mentality, shouldn’t we welcome and encourage their small step forward into the world of reality?” – From the article

Do you agree that liberal Christians are one step away from being Atheist? I have heard this from many Atheist friends and I find it pretty offensive.  Is there a “spectrum” of Atheism just like there is a spectrum of Christianity and all other religions?  Can some people deny any grand architect but not think you are a moron for believing in one or is it an all or nothing way of being?

The Atheists I know could never respect my beliefs no matter how much they say they do because they think I am an idiot and illogical for believing what I do.  Are there Atheists who don’t believe that theists are all dumb for believing?  I don’t think so.  With that in mind, can the two ever actually respect each other?  I think Christianity allows me the room to respect them without judgement.  I don’t see that Atheism has that ability.  What do you think?


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