What if we don’t want their church? – 3/25/13

I happen to completely disagree with this article which might mean I am part of the problem.  It might be the fact that I am cradle Episcopalian and couldn’t belong to any other denomination no matter the reason.  It might be that as an Episcopalian I have a deep appreciation for history, sentimentality, and ritual.  It might be that I think that we have no cultural identity as Americans and I am grasping for an identity to hold on to.  It might be that I rail against the current generations and long for the stability and loyalty of generations past.  I am not sure what the reason but while I don’t need the furniture, I do need the institution.  The question is what am I willing to do about it and am I alone in this opinion.


One response to “What if we don’t want their church? – 3/25/13

  1. Reading this post made me think about my experiences as an Episcopalian. (Finally a non-OT related thought… lol!)

    When my parents settled in the US when I was 11, their thoughts at the time was that they would find a church for us to call home for the rest of our lives. 16.5 years later, that turned out to NOT be the case. My mom rarely goes to church any more. My dad goes often to that Episcopal Church still, but does not get involved as much. My sister has pretty much stopped going to once since she went to college. Me, I still go to an Episcopal Church, but in my second one for 6 years now.

    Meanwhile, it’s rare these days to see multiple generations of the same family attend the same church any more in my current parish. I think it has to do with our youths and young adults live a completely different lifestyle than their parents or grandparents when they were youths and young adults. I think our youths and young adults leaders have to understand that and tailor the youths and young adults ministry programs to this trend… while inserting some of our traditional Episcopal traditions, too. If we don’t adapt, the “average age” of our churches will not get younger.

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