One response to “And so, this is Christmas…

  1. great post!

    I did not get many Christmas presents this year- aside from my Christkind gifts and a few Christmas cards. The rest were just holiday greetings from my friends on Facebook. It’s fine by me because I am a rather low key guy. Also, my biggest Christmas present is actually a job that requires me to use more of my talents in form of a grants consultant/fundraiser job for a non-profit organization. Unlike my peers, I prefer this because my clinical skills are nowhere as strong as they are. Yet, I know I am doing work in my profession because I am working with at least a couple occupational therapists like myself.

    Anyway, what this year taught me is the best gift we give to someone is not necessarily on their birthdays or during Christmas season. Rather, it is during moments when they need our support most. That can be a cheer up message, pep talk, and/or whatever we can help these people. Some of these things- we don’t need to use money. Instead, we just need to spend a little time to listen to their rants or sob stories.

    My Christmas wish this year- We all have gifts to help others- in ways big and small. I hope we can use our God given gifts to continue to help others in need- whether it’s our friends/family, or somebody we completely don’t know.

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