3 responses to “A Guest in the House

  1. For me, my friends rarely enter my home as guests. It’s not that I don’t welcome them in. Rather, it’s because we are not that close geographically speaking… since they are colleagues for my profession and I would only see them at most once a year unless they are in California.

    For me, I let some of them see glimpses of my life as an autistic individual. Part of it is because I want to make more friends (though one may not believe that I am autistic if they get to see my Facebook profile- especially with my professional connections). But my main objective is to help my colleagues to better understand individuals they see in the clinical environment that are similar to myself.

    My particular favorite thing to do is to guest lectures to different occupational therapy programs about autism- the more students asked me questions about my experiences, the better. Unlike other lecturers-students relationships, a fair bit of the students will connect with me on social media afterward. In my profession, this is fine because I delivered a lecture to them… and they know I am a fellow colleague in the field. (Instructors will be a slightly different ball game- you just have to make sure the professional boundaries are kept.) I welcome them to connect on social media because I know how they felt as students and I like to support them so that they can be better occupational therapists than I do.

    • Bill,

      Thank you so much for sharing with us! You are such a gift to your community, and to your buddies at The Daily Cake. We love you!!

      Happy Christmas!


  2. Same to you, Rachel! I am hoping to have one of my pieces up soon. I am hoping that I can contribute something in spite of my busy new chapter of my professional life.

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