My 7 Weeks of Advent

Advent-Medium-FeatureHere at my church, St. Anne’s Episcopal in Tifton, GA, we don’t do the usual 4 weeks of Advent. We do 7. Call us overachievers, but that’s how we roll. But really, we have a 7 week Advent for a couple of reasons. We are taking on the older traditions of churches past that had a 7 week Advent. It’s also a reaction to how early the Christmas commercials start, and people decorating their houses in green and red. And the Christmas music comes on before Thanksgiving! It gives us a chance to take a step back a little earlier and to remind ourselves what Advent is really about.

Waiting. Hoping.

We are not patient people. If you don’t believe me, see the aforementioned super early beginnings of the Christmas crazy.  Advent forces us to take a step back from the commercial side of life and remember to enjoy the moments leading up to the birth of Christ.

I love Advent. I love that even though I know what’s going to happen, I’m still excited about it. I get all antsy, like a kid waiting to open presents on Christmas morning. Yep, it’s cool to get presents and all, but come on now – it’s THE BIRTH OF JESUS. It also helps that I love babies and think they’re super cute. *insert your own Talledega Nights baby Jesus quotes here*

We all know what’s going to happen, but isn’t the waiting just as fun? We get to hear in the readings that no one knew when the birth was going to happen. We are told, over and over, to be patient and know that the Lord is coming. If you put yourself in that position – in that moment where you’re reading the foretelling of Jesus in the Old Testament – where there is so much hope for the future. You can’t feel anything but the same excitement and hope that they felt.

We are resurrection people. But we are also hopeful people. We are the waiting people. We are waiting for the miracle to happen, all over again. So enjoy it. Get caught up in it. Be excited because you know what’s coming. And get ready. Jesus is coming y’all.

Today’s advent author is Liz Williams from St. Anne’s Tifton, GA. 


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