Deep Breaths…

Whatever tomorrow is for you, I hope you can find something or lots of somethings for which to be thankful. Some of us will have really hard days, tomorrow. There may be difficult conversations to have, tough political statements to swallow, or hard people to love. But there may also be lots of laughter, delicious smells and tastes, and all your favorite people around your table. And there may be all of those things in one place, all at the same time.

It’ll be ok. Even if something is a little bit burnt, or sticks to the pan, or takes 75 minutes longer to cook than you allowed for in your schedule, or if everything is Because of Obama, or a sign of the end times, or if someone has too much to drink, or if there are tears and raised voices–it’ll be ok. Sometimes, it’s ok just to be thankful that something is over, or not at your house, or part of your everyday reality.

Keep your chin up. Tuck in your napkin. Say your prayers. And remember to wear your roomy pants.

And when you’re all full of pie, and put your feet up, remember that your friends at are very thankful for you, for each other, and for the deep love of Jesus who binds us together…with lots and lots of mercy, grace, and cake frosting.


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