For These And All Thy Blessings…

Dear God,

Thank you for the house we live in. Thank you for helping us be kind to each other while we painted all the walls, tore up all the grass, and learned how to live together. Thank you for all the people in our house, last weekend. I love all those faces, voices, hands, and lives. Thank you for making us a family. Thank you for the leftovers, and the pies. Thank you for the abundance you offer us in our lives–material, spiritual, emotional…all of it. We are so grateful to be full–of you, of each other. Thank you for the easy laughter and good will we share with each other so easily in these happy days–it makes the hard days easier to bear.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.


One response to “For These And All Thy Blessings…

  1. As one of all the people in your house last weekend, I love you, and I, too, am so very thankful He made us family.

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