Religion in Science Fiction

The Space Trilogy.  A Wrinkle in Time. Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? Alas, Babylon! The Wheel of Time series. Ender’s Game. Battlestar Galactica. (and its short lived prequel, Caprica)

The list goes on…

As a youngster I got really into science fiction and fantasy. I went to a private Christian school (somewhat denominationally Presbyterian) and The Space Trilogy was on our reading list at some point. I loved it. I love exploring ideas and themes related to faith and religion in the context of science fiction/fantasy.

It is fascinating to ask in these fantasic worlds, Where is God? How is the Divine interpreted here? Some fiction deals with particular faiths directly while others do so more indirectly. The best science fiction, to me, doesn’t ask, Is there a God? but rather, What is God? (incidentally I found a really great blog post that eerily echoes my feelings on sci fi and religion here.)

Confession: I also played Dungeons and Dragons while I was in college. I loved it. I loved exploring the worlds we created together and I was almost always a cleric. I’m not so sure that if I didn’t have hours to spare these days I wouldn’t still find time to play. Learning different religious systems was a lot of fun and there were definitely some situations that called for divine intervention. (Luckily I had some generous DM’s and dice rolls in my favor…)

Any sci-fi fans out there that want to chime in with their favorite scifi/religion crossovers? Movies/books/comics/etc?? I know I’m not alone out there!!


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