Divestment Votes in the Episcopal Church

In the past couple of weeks there were some developments in efforts to divest Episcopal Diocese from fossil fuel companies. Three diocese voted on resolutions to remove their investments from from fossil fuel companies in an effort to combat climate change. The Diocese of Olympia voted to divest, while the Diocese of Southern Ohio voted not to. The Diocese of Oregon voted to study the issue more. You can read more about it at Episcopal Cafe

I believe divesting our resources and reinvesting in sustainable energy is the only viable strategy for creating change quickly. I’m happy about this development in Olympia, and I also think that while I would have preferred that Ohio divested as well, I am glad that more Episcopalians are debating these issues. Every time we talk about healing and caring for creation it’s another step toward change, which is why you’ll see me mention it often on the Daily Cake.

 The best resource I’ve found for information about this strategy and the theology of this movement can be found at GreenFaith hereI’d love to know what you think.

Correction: It was actually the Diocese of Southern Ohio that voted on divestment, not the Diocese of Ohio. I’ve changed the article to correct the error. 


4 responses to “Divestment Votes in the Episcopal Church

  1. The Diocese of New York also called for the appointment of a committee for socially and environmentally responsible investing. See page 2 (62) of the link below.. http://www.dioceseny.org/system/doc/file_name/production/1421/Resolutions_4_to_13.pdf

  2. That’s great! Thanks, Mary Cat.

  3. Just a correction/clarification: The Diocese of Southern Ohio recently voted on divestment; the Diocese of Ohio did not.

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