Nuttier Than a Fruitcake: Advent 2013

You didn’t think we’d forget all about Advent, did you? We know the trend is to jump right from Thanksgiving into a giant vat of eggnog, but occasionally, we really really like to buck trends. So, beginning on November 30th, and extending through Christmas Day, will be bringing you some tasty Advent offerings. We’ll be serving up slices from our regular contributors, as well as some very special guest bloggers. We look forward to sharing a season of miraculous expectation, quiet hope, funny stories, family anecdotes, and maybe a congealed salad recipe or two, during Advent 2013. Below, you can find a list of themes we’ll be following in our posts. Additionally, each piece will be shaped around the readings for the preceding Sunday. If you’re not already having delivered to your inbox, you may really want to set yourself up to follow us during Advent. Think of it as a present to yourself. I mean, it is cake, after all…

Advent One: Hope and Anticipation

Advent Two: Faith and Fortitude

Advent Three: Joy and Awe

Advent Four: Christmas Stories and Wishes


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