Interesting Versions of the Bible

In case you have a lifetime to burn, check out some of these lesser known translations.  Some of them are serious translations and some of them are random versions but all are interesting.

  1. The Aussie Bible – in Australian slang
  2. The Bible Experience – read by famous black actors, musicians, personalities, and clergy
  3. The Black Bible Chronicles – in LA street slang
  4. The Orthodox Jewish Bible: Tanakh and Orthodox Jewish Brit Chadasha – contains both Yiddish and English language
  5. Biblia Hebraica Et Graeca (Editio princeps) – the Greek NT and Hebrew OT
  6. The Etymological New Testament – literal Greek linguistics version
  7. The Playful Puppies Bible or The Curious Kittens Bible – bible passages with cute animal pictures
  8. The People’s Bible – handwritten digitally by everyday people 2 verses at a time
  9. The Jefferson Bible – constructed by Thomas Jefferson to leave out the miracles in the New Testament
  10. The Presidential Prayers Bible – NIV plus 12 pages of prayers by US Presidents
  11. The Klingon Bible – in Klingon
  12. The LOLcat Bible – in LOLspeak
  13. The Word on the Street – 500 page, modern language, paraphrasing
  14. The Jamaican Patois Bible – written version of a mostly spoken language native to Jamaica
  15. The Stock Car Racing Bible – bible passages with commentary by famous stock car racers
  16. The Great Bible – first authorized edition of bible in english, commissioned by Henry VIII for The Church of England
  17. The Geneva Bible or The Bishops’ Bible – precursors to the King James Version
  18. The Word of Promise – read by famous actors
  19. James Earl Jones Reads the Bible – read by Darth Vader

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