Contemplating the Colors

The leaves are finally starting to change here in Murfreesboro. Main street is awash with reds, yellows, oranges, and browns. It’s a beautiful, postcard perfect scene driving down that street.

I know that there are scientific processes and whatnots behind why the colors change. I know. But there is still a sense of mystery behind it, the magical time between summer and winter when the leaves give a dramatic burst of life before dying off. The weather turns crisp and leaves crunch under our feet (or bicycle tires). It’s like God is reminding us to LIVE before we die–to show our colors, to be vibrant, because our time will come, too.

Maybe that seems morbid, or maybe just realistic. As we inch our way closer to winter I hope we learn from the leaves.  May you be vibrant, lively, and colorful in the time that you have.


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