Get Your Self Out of the Way

I can’t count the number of times I’ve almost helped someone, or thought about saying or doing something and then… just not doing it. For whatever reason. The thought was there, the urge was there, but something got in the way.

Or someone. Like… my self. Not… myself. but, that inner me that over-thinks everything and worries about dumb things and runs around all crazy if I don’t take the time to say HEY. chill.

Lots of people feel this way. It’s so easy to let that little worry wart get in the way of doing good things. Like calling up a friend or family member, or stepping up to pay for someone’s food when they can’t find their money/debit card, or any other little opportunities that show up in every day life. Sometimes they aren’t little–sometimes they are very big. Taking time out of your life to do or say something big to someone you care about. How often do we end up stepping back and letting those opportunities float by? We tell ourselves, next time I’m going to say something. But what if there isn’t a next time?

My prayer is that God helps me get my self out of the way so I can heed those little nudges from the Holy Spirit.”Lord, please make me a beacon of your light and love in this dreary world” is a prayer I say often, and he gives me lots of opportunities to shine His light into other people’s lives. Whatever it is you have to do to get that voice that tells you to hesitate, to pause, to not do something that would bring about the Kingdom–do it. Meditate, pray, breathe deeply, go for walks in the woods or runs in the park. The world needs you–God wants to use you, despite whatever shortcomings you have.


3 responses to “Get Your Self Out of the Way

  1. Excellent. Touches right when I need to hear it as one of those who has difficulty staying focused , not to mention getting distracted by all the wonders around me. Blue skies with amazing clouds, the unusual chicken that showed up in our neighborhood, not to mention trying to sell one older home and picking out a bazillion things for the new one. Sometimes I don’t want to stop for the poor, homeless, etc., but when I do I almost always feel better and more focused on what really IS important. Thank you for your thoughts.

    • Thank you Debi, there is definitely a good feeling that comes with doing good things. A great way to stay centered and focused!

  2. Short, sweet, and excellent!

    I think we all have these moments, especially the fact that there can be some people who take advantage of our kindness make us think twice about we truly help someone or not. I think it is just as important to pray for wisdom- on what’s the best way to assist someone in need. Sometimes money might not be the best answer. Rather, time spent listening to them and giving them advices moving forward can be just as powerful, too.

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