Happy Bisexuality Day!!


I need to be 100% honest and admit that I was guilty of thinking a lot of the things  posted in the image above.  I just didn’t get it.  Like almost all prejudices, until I met someone I deeply trusted and respected that was bisexual I thought it was just something that people who liked to have sex with everyone said they were.  I see now how utterly rude and condescending that notion is but I need to be honest and say that I felt that way.

In what part of the psyche does that judgmental nature call home?  Is there a way to unlearn it without having to go through that step where you sound like an asshole until you figure it out?  I am very thankful to my friend who showed me the capacity to love people and not gender.  She has made me realize that type of approach to love is something we all need more of.  That doesn’t sound selfish or greedy to me, it sounds pretty flipping remarkable!!

So Happy Bisexuality Day to all my bi friends!!  I hope today someone else gets opened up to the beauty of bisexuality and is able to see it for what it is, a gift from God that allows one to find an enduring love in someone regardless of their gender.



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