For These and All Thy Blessings…

Dear Readers,

Thank you all so much for participating in our day of fasting and prayer for Syria.  Prayer is a funny thing…it’s so much about us, and not about us, at all.  The situation in Syria is very much fluid, at this time, and I’m willing to bet, that’s been reflected in the prayers we’ve offered up for the people who live there, and are effected by this 2-year long civil war.

It’s hard to know what to pray for, for me, sometimes.  Mother Teresa was fond of saying that prayer was listening…her listening to God, and God listening to her.  I like that idea, and it gives me some peace and a kind of structure when I don’t know how to pray, or for what to pray, or those kinds of uncomfortable and icky spiritual feelings.  I’ve been trying to listen in my prayers, lately, more than I talk.  And for a talker and a feeler like me, that is a hard discipline to hold, more times than not.  But when I’m able to engage prayer that way…I don’t know…it feels better, somehow.

Listening was what I tried to do most on Saturday, in between updating our Facebook page, checking the Twitter feed, and looking at the nameless and faceless stats on our metric page.  Something about not knowing who was praying with us, but knowing that there WERE people praying with us helped me to be quieter in my praying, do more listening and less talking.  Thank you for that.

Please, keep praying, even when you don’t know how.  Please keep praying for Syria, for peace, and for each other.  You are in my prayers, this day, and always.




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