Prayer and Peace

On Thursday, I met the Rev. Nadim Nassar, an Anglican priest and director of the Awareness Foundation. Fr. Nassar was born in Syria, and his family and friends live there still. He is outspoken in his opposition of military intervention.

Syria has a long history of religious diversity, with Alawites and Druze, Sunni Muslims and Christians living in a small country since early days of Christianity and Islam. It is now an increasingly difficult and complicated situation, and I won’t pretend to know how we should proceed (and we all know that Christians hold a variety of opinions about what we should do).

I am happy to take time to pray today, together. It’s a small thing, but it can be a step toward peace or possibly unity and raised awareness (my friend Phil has a thoughtful piece on the Pope’s call for prayer).

When I asked him what Christians should do, Fr. Nassar first said we should pray. Then he said that  as catalysts for peace, Christians must constantly put pressure on those in power to fight for peace.


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