Visit This Place, O Lord

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Last weekend we went to Sunset Park in Brooklyn, which, it turns out, has a sweeping view of the city. We sat in the evening sun and watched Shakespeare while children spoke a little too loudly in languages I could not understand and it was lovely. 

Yesterday, we prayed, which I have not been, lately. I have not been praying, I mean, though I know how necessary it is, if only to quiet the static of my own anxieties, to open up a closed place in me, to guard against succumbing to the repeating clang of the city (literally, they’ve been dismantling a building outside my office with a jackhammer, floor by floor, for weeks now).

“God is the poetry caught in any religion,” writes Les Murray

“caught, not imprisoned. Caught as in a mirror
that he attracted, being in the world as poetry
is in the poem, a law against its closure.”

I don’t claim to understand prayer any more than I understand poetry or love or God. I might call it an invitation: Visit this place, O Lord.


2 responses to “Visit This Place, O Lord

  1. This is beautiful, Jeremy. Thanks. A quiet end to my day. I’ll read it as my evening prayer 🙂

  2. The view is fantastic, the park is clean, and gorgeous – totally underrated! 🙂 ~ Global Jewelry

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