Prayers For Our Military : June 24-30, 2013

prayer 2

Almighty God, our source of strength and courage, we ask you to guide the leaders of nations in the ways of peace and justice and enduring freedom for the peoples of the world.  In these times of peril and war against terrorism listen to our prayers for the men and women serving in our armed forces, our military leaders and our allies. Protect them all from harm as they go into battle on land, in the sea and in the air.  Take away whatever fear from their hearts and enable them to overcome swiftly and decisively the violence and cruelty of war.  

Console their loved ones and family members who remain on the home front. Gently dry the tears of those who mourn for the wounded in battle and those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice.  Bless all those affected with your loving presence. 

Receive Lord all who have died in the hope of the resurrection, and those whose faith is known to you alone, that, with all the 
saints, they may have rest in that place where there is no pain or grief, but life eternal. We pray for those who joined you in your heavenly kingdom this week, esp. 

Javier Sanchez, Jr., 28, US Army, California

Corey E. Garver, 25, US Army, Maine

Justin R. Rogers, 25, US Army, New York

*If I have left anyone off this list, please let me know so that we can honor them.*


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