Netflix52: Timer

Timer (R)emma-caulfield-timer-movie-poster-mq-01-506c0

Genre : Comedy, Drama, Fantasy
Tagline : True love – now available with a guarantee!
Starring : Emma CaulfieldJohn Patrick AmedoriMichelle Borth
Running Time : 99 Minutes
Director : Jac Schaeffer
Producer : Jennifer GlynnRikki JarrettJac Schaeffer

If a clock could count down to the moment you meet your soul mate, would you want to know?

I really liked this quirky movie.  It is a low budget film and sometimes the acting can be a little sophomoric but the concept is so fun.  Oona (Emma Caufield) and Steph (Michelle Borth) are step sisters who are best friends.  They live in a world where a device has been created that can alert you when you meet your true love. A person opts to get this device attached to the wrist of their dominate hand and when/if your “one” gets a timer a time will pop up on your timer to let you know when you are to meet your soul mate.  Then at midnight the day before you are to meet your true love the timer zero’s out and when you come across your “one” the next day both your timers beep.

Neither Oona or Steph has a time on their timer which means that their true love has not gotten a timer yet.  Steph uses this time to have fun and enjoy herself.  Oona on the other hand spends all her time finding men and taking them to get a timer to see if they are her “one” so she doesn’t waste time with men she isn’t supposed to be with.  When Oona’s little brother gets a timer at 14 and immediately meets his “one”, it throws Oona for a loop and sends her on a quest to figure out what role the timer should play in her life.

The concept of this movie is original and very thought out.  I like the way you get to see the multiple perspectives on how people deal with the timer.  Would you allow your life to stop and wait anxiously for your love to arrive or would you go one living your life and having relationships until that person came along?  Would you miss out on the experiences you get from interpersonal relationships while waiting?  How would not having to work through unsuccessful relationships change you?  These are all questions the movie explores.

As with most indie films this is a no frills movie.  The reason to watch the movie is to enjoy the characters and the situations not to marvel at the way the movie is shot.  Like I said, the acting can be a little on the cheesy side at times but overall I think the actors do a good job.  This is a character driven comedy about relationships and worth an hour and a half  of your time.  Check it out and let me know what you decide about timers!

Distributed : Present Pictures
Released : April 26, 2009
Tomatometer : 58% Critic, 63% Audience

Favorite Scene : I love the scene at the end of the girls birthday party.  The way Oona and Steph interact and how Dan gets pulled into their story.
Favorite Quote : “See, that’s what’s stupid about the timer. It’s that you have one path and you can’t take detours. I mean, life is about detours.”
Awards : Audience Choice Best of Festival – Fort Collins TriMedia Festival, Best Narrative Feature Film – Connecticut Film Festival, Audience Choice Best of Festival – Science + Fiction International Film Festival

Fun Facts :

  1. Jac Schaeffer said this about how she got the idea for the movie :“It all started with my brother’s wedding. In the months preceding the big day, my mother kept one of those time-to-go clocks on her desk. It’s this migraine-inducing device that counts backward so that you know how much time you have left to plan. I would stop by the house and become transfixed by this clock from hell: ‘My brother is marrying the love of his life in 71 days, 22 hours, 53 minutes, 8 seconds…7 seconds…6 seconds…OH MY GOD!’
  2. This was the Feature Film debut of the director.
  3. The film debuted at the 2009 Tribeca Film Festival.
  4. Emma Caulfield also co-stars with the Timer matchmaker Kali Rocha in Buffy the Vampire Slayer as demon friends who later become antagonists, much like their relationship in Timer.
  5. In Hungary the film is named Szerelemóra which translates to Love Clock and in Portugal the movie is Timer – Quando o Amor Toca which translates to Timer – When Love Plays.
  6. Filming took place in Santa Clarita and Los Angeles both in California.
  7. The point Jac Schaeffer wanted to convey with the movie was : “Her story—and my story, and the story of anyone looking for love— isn’t about happily ever after. It’s about everything that comes before.”

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