God in Words

I’m in San Diego at the moment for the Episcopal Communicators conference. Lots of nice, thoughtful communications people here, and San Diego is pretty nice, too, as far as I can tell from this fancy hotel room.

During the Eucharist today the Bishop said “We know that God moves in and around and through words.” I like that, and it’s even Biblical (you know, “The Word was God and the Word was with God”). Maybe this is why I love words and stories. Sometimes you find God in the words of a poem or a novel. God, oblique, inscrutable, surprising, transcendent, like the best stories.

Stories, even more so than individual words, are how we know ourselves, our history and our faith. Life is so complicated, stories are the way to encompass even a fraction of it. This is why scripture is more stories than a list of edicts. God the storyteller. 

Outside I can hear the San Diego trolley going by, though it’s a quiet click-clack kind of sound so I don’t mind. I think I’ll read a little, then go to sleep. 


One response to “God in Words

  1. “God, oblique, inscrutable, surprising, transcendent, like the best stories.” I think what I love most about your writing is your wonder at the world in all its mystery. And your lack of anxiety about figuring it out. 🙂

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