Awake, and it is morning, and the streets are flooded

B Stations 3 - Loss

Stations of the Cross, 2008 – Based on a photo of an Iraqi mother having just lost her son.

dawn woke to find itself dragging a fear stricken man

between this marble floor and the next

grief piled upon weary grief

offering only a sleepless night on which to stand

knuckles reddened from banging on locked gates

voice hoarse from screaming at unrelenting guards

Martha and John the legs on which to stand

with hearts torn open by a common mind

that demands Barabbas

the very shadow of the revolution

Son of the Father

whose sanitized flesh sates our desire to hold Jesus against our skin

whose life keeps light at bay


an exchange of a beloved cow for three tiny beans

for a moment of clarity

of comprehensibility

a blink of crazy hope

and millennia of unfolding


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