The Known World

I’d like to recommend to you today The Known World. I mean the book, though I also recommend most of the known world and the parts that are not know as I have found the world to be terrible and thrilling and wondrous, and I was reminded of this while reading The Known World.

It’s a book about slavery and about people, and it moves forward and backward and around the death of a black man who owned slaves and all the people he was connected to and the things they suffered and the way they loved and hated.  It kind of tears your heart out in the way a good book should.

I finished it yesterday. Finishing a good book (and I mean a really good book) is a bit like participating in good liturgy or a attending a transcendant concert. It makes the whole world deeper, or perhaps it makes you deeper, as if you can better see that “inside these wrappings lives some other, brighter life.”

So I recommend that book, and books in general, and liturgy and music and art.

Also, I’d like to recommend this blogegg tarts, and equality.


3 responses to “The Known World

  1. The links are so amazing I almost forgot what the post was about. Also, Jeffrey Toobin posted from the future. But I do want to read the book. Thanks!

  2. I got lost in the links too. That blog is awesome!

  3. Jeremiah Sierra

    Those are two of my favorite blogs. And you should definitely read the book sometime!

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