The Immortality Project

Found this via Episcopal Cafe:

The LA Times reports that UC Riverside philosophy professor John Martin Fischer recieved a $5-million Templeton grant to study immortality “in this world or another — and whether everlasting might just prove to be ever-boring.”

The Immortality project has a website and everything, which says they’ll be “issuing requests for research proposals to fund scientific, philosophical, and theological projects that advance understanding of immortality and belief in immortality, and of how each of these is relevant to the way we live our lives at present.”

Waste of time or worthwhile exploration (or a bit of both)?


2 responses to “The Immortality Project

  1. Kind of bizarre, I think. But belief in immortality and one’s beliefs about how that is going to work really do effect what we do in the present, so it’ll be interesting to see. I really like point 5: “and more besides.” 🙂

  2. So I have looked at this post about 4 times and every single time I saw immorality not immortality. I keep thinking, how can you study immorality? Then when I decided to read the article I thought, what do near death experiences and the afterlife have to do with immorality. I am an idiot!

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