Netflix52: Dakota Skye

dsDakota Skye (R)

Genre : Drama, Romance
Starring : Eileen Boylan, Ian Nelson
Running Time : 89 min.
Director : John Humber
Producers : John Humber, Shaun O’Banion

A seventeen year old girl with the ability to see the truth in any lie finds her apathy fading when she meets a boy who’s unflinchingly honest.

Dakota (Eileen Boylan) has a special power.  From the time she was born she could tell if people were lying to her.  The truth of every statement flashes across her vision, almost like subtitles would during a movie.  She has spent her whole life knowing that people lie all day long and she is stuck with being able to see how honest the people around her are. Knowing the little white lies from the larger more devious ones has left Dakota angry and bitter.

Beth (Dominique Generaux) is Dakota’s only friend and they are friends because they have been friends for so long.  Beth continues to seek out Dakota but Dakota makes no effort to nuture their relationship.  For the last 9 months, Dakota has been dating Kevin (J. B. Ghuman, Jr.) who is the only other person in her life that she chooses to spend time with.  Although both Kevin and Beth lie to Dakota on a regular basis, they are the people who lie the least, or at least whose lies bother her the least. One day Kevin’s best friend Jonah (Ian Nelson) shows up and Dakota immediately realizes that Jonah never lies.  She tries to find ways to make him lie but no matter what he says no “words of truth” flash before her eyes.  How can this be?  Does he always tell the truth or is Jonah her “arch-nemesis“, the one person able to nullify her super power?

I think this movie is a super cute and a very different take on a romantic drama. Dakota’s apathy is a great background for Jonah’s upbeat personality and ability to be honest no matter the situation.  He plays well off the lies of everyone else around her and is very believable as an honest guy.  The chemistry between these two is wonderful.  The acting, while immature at times, has some great moments. Both of these young actors have promise and compliment each other well.  The story makes me think of all the little lies people tell on a daily basis in order to keep from hurting the people they care about and the impact they could have on someone like Dakota.

The film is very low budget.  The picture is grainy and the lighting is alway natural which can be a bad thing for a movie.  I actually think this adds to the appeal of the film.  Dakota and Jonah are very simple laid back people and a lot of Hollywood tricks would take away from the way we see them.  The original story, the elementary filming, the shaky script, and the young actors all make this film a enjoyable hour and a half.  It isn’t going to change your life or fuel your expectations of great filming, but I think this movie is worth a look.

Distributed : Koch Vision
Released : March 14, 2008
Budget : $150,000
Tomatometer : 62% Audience

Favorite Scene : The scene during, and after, Dakota and Jonah go bowling.  I think this is the best acting in the movie.
Favorite Quote : ” I go through weeks at a time just praying someone will actually say what they mean for once.”
Awards : Best Film – Charlotte Film Festival, Best of the Fest – FirstGlance Film Fest Hollywood, Audience Award – Hell’s Half Mile Film and Music Festival, Best Screenplay – Phoenix Film Festival, Best Actor – Playhouse West Film Festival, Rising Star Award – Edmonton International Film Festival, Best Ensemble – FirstGlance Film Fest Hollywood

Fun Facts :

  1.  The movie was screened at over 12 festivals.
  2. The movie was filmed at the Grand Canyon, in New York city, and the main filming location being Phoenix, AR.
  3. The entire soundtrack was done by Bay Dariz who plays Jacob, one of the members of the band, in the movie.
  4. This movie is considered a micro budget movie.
  5. The film was shot in 16 days with only one camera.
  6. They filmed an average of 9 pages of script a day.   Most movies average about 3 pages per day.
  7. This is John Humber‘s first feature link film.
  8. The movie was originally supposed to film in Atlanta, GA before moving to Phoenix.

One response to “Netflix52: Dakota Skye

  1. Jeremiah Sierra

    I keep seeing this in my suggested movies and I think now I might actually watch it.

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