A New New Testament

Yesterday I went to a panel discussion to launch A New New Testament. The book includes ancient texts such as the Gospel of Mary, the Gospel of Thomas, and The Gospel of Truth, and Thunder: Perfect Mind, alongside the traditional New Testament. It is intended to be read and used to enrich our understanding of Christ and our faith, and to spur conversation.

“Inherent in Christianity is arguing about the Bible,” Taussig said during the discussion. “I think this is an argument worth having.”

I agree. I personally don’t have any problem with the idea of playing with the canon. Some of these books may contain just as much wisdom and truth as the letters of Paul. Whether or not you think we can add to scripture, I think it’s a conversation we should have.


3 responses to “A New New Testament

  1. LaurenCaldwell

    I think anyone who wants to exclude any Gospels of those who knew Jesus is like an ostrich with their head in the sand. Just like everyone of us, the men who made the decisions about which books were in the final print were fallible. Have they never felt like God was calling them to something and then later realized that they were the ones doing the calling while ignoring what God had to say? I hate to break it to them, but we all have, that is human nature. Why would you want to know less about Jesus as opposed to more?

  2. Excited for this! I wanna get a copy. Thanks, Jeremy.

  3. The Gospel of Thomas is one of my favorites. I wish more Christians would read outside The Book! We already have so many ‘non canonical books’ (apocrypha), which are not used for church doctrine but rather teaching lessons. I think any writings can be used for instruction and growth, be they gospels from way-back-then or 21st century theologians. Those w

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